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If you’re a resident of Anaheim and the surrounding areas seeking top-notch eye care services from a trusted provider — look no further! Our Anaheim-based optometry practice is your go-to destination for you and your family’s eye care needs. Visit your local area optometrist to see a licensed eye doctor, get a comprehensive eye exam, and get answers to your eye health-related questions from a licensed optometrist.

About Instyle Optometry

Want to learn more about Instyle? We offer comprehensive eye exams for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and provide a variety of in-demand eye care services that include the following.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Getting regular eye exams lays a strong foundation for optimal eye health. Our experienced eye doctors are here to ensure that you and your family achieve and maintain optimal vision.

Contact Lenses

If you’ve been thinking about visiting your local optometrist to start wearing contact lenses or updating your contact lens prescription, our friendly team of eye care professionals can help you explore some of the most common and hard-to-fit contact lens options.

Specialized Eye Care Services

Our team of eye experts can help families seeking computer vision treatments to alleviate the pain of dry eyes caused by extended screen time and computer vision syndrome.

Pediatric Eye Care

Not all optometrists have a pediatric eye care specialist on staff — luckily, we do! Bring in the younger members of your family for comprehensive pediatric eye care and treatments to resolve common childhood vision issues.

Sports Vision

The best athletes understand that enhancing their visual skills can make all the difference in whether you win or lose the big game. Our eye care team provides Sports Vision services to help improve hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and peripheral awareness.

Designer Sunglasses

Having prescription sunglasses doesn’t mean you have limited options for style and fit. Visit our offices to discover a wide range of stylish sunglasses that shield your eyes from harmful UV rays while making an undeniable fashion statement.

Choose InStyle Optometry for Family Vision Care

Choosing our Anaheim optometrist near you means having easy access to a team of dedicated eye care professionals who are committed to excellence in providing the best eye care and vision services to help you achieve optimum vision and improve your eye health.

If you’ve been putting off getting an eye exam or visiting your local optometrist because you haven’t found the right fit, give InStyle Optometry a try. Don’t wait until it's too late or compromise your vision. Call our office at (714) 635-1100 to schedule your first optometry appointment with InStyle Optometry today!

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