Bifocal Contact Lenses

Understanding Bifocal Contact Lenses and How They Can Help You

Getting older often comes with changes to your vision. If you have difficulty reading or have blurry vision, you may need bifocal lenses to correct your vision. Our optometrist at InStyle Optometry in Anaheim, CA, offers bifocal contact lenses as an alternative way to correct your vision if you prefer contacts over glasses. Our team can perform eye exams for patients across Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Garden Grove, and Stanton areas to ensure your eyesight remains strong and healthy. Continue reading to learn more about bifocal contacts and how they can help you.

Bifocal Lenses

What Are Bifocal Contact Lenses?

Bifocal contacts help you see up close and far away by incorporating multiple prescriptions in one lens. You may need these lenses if you have a condition known as presbyopia. This vision problem typically occurs in people over 40 due to natural changes in vision. You may have trouble focusing on objects close to you when you have presbyopia, making reading or doing other tasks challenging. Bifocal contacts help correct this problem and offer better coverage than bifocal glasses by resting directly on your eye.

How Bifocal Contacts Work

Bifocal contact lenses contain two different prescriptions in a single lens. The lenses contain a specific area that corrects presbyopia and allows you to see objects up close. This area can be in the bottom section of the lens and has a clear line separating the prescription from the rest of the lens. Looking through this area helps you read and focus on objects close to you. Other bifocal contact lenses might have concentric rings that correct for different distances.

Are Bifocal Contact Lenses Correct for Me?

Bifocal contacts might be a good option if you have presbyopia and prefer not to wear bifocal eyeglasses. Our eye doctor can help you choose the most suitable pair of bifocal contacts for your visual needs and lifestyle. You should discuss any questions or concerns with our eye doctor during your eye exam.

How to Get Bifocal Contacts for Clear Vision

The first step toward getting bifocal contact lenses is scheduling an eye exam with your optometrist near you. This exam helps your optometrist determine the correct bifocal contact lens prescription for your visual needs. Our optometrist can also help you try on the contacts and see if they fit comfortably and work properly. Your prescription can change over the years due to changes in your eyes, so you may need to order new bifocal contacts with an updated prescription.

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If you are interested in bifocal contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses for your vision correction needs, contact InStyle Optometry in Anaheim, CA. Our optometrist can ensure you get the bifocal contacts you need to correct your vision and improve your eyesight. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (714) 635-1100 if you live in Anaheim, Buena Park, Garden Grove, Orange, Santa Ana, or Stanton and want bifocal contacts.

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