Eye Allergies

Allergies are a common condition and can have a significant impact on your vision and eyes. If you or your loved ones need assistance with eye allergies and are looking for an eye doctor, we can help. We have helped countless people from the communities of Garden Grove, Orange, Buena Park, Santa Ana, Stanton, and Anaheim deal with various issues. Often, treatment starts with an eye exam, so get in touch with InStyle Optometry if you need assistance or are looking for an optometrist near you.

Eye Allergies

The Basics of Allergies and Eye Care

Allergies result from specific substances called allergens causing irritation. Often, your body will misidentify the allergen as some sort of threat and then respond to it. For example, pollen could get into your lungs. While the pollen might not pose much of a threat itself, your immune system could overreact and someone could suffer from swelling or issues with their eyes, among other things.

With eyes, allergic reactions often result in swollen eyelids, redness, itchiness, and teary eyes. While eye allergies often don’t pose a serious risk, if you’re not careful, they could result in permanent damage. Furthermore, what starts as a minor case of eye allergies may evolve into a severe allergic reaction. Each year, hundreds of people die from allergic reactions in the United States.

An eye doctor can help you identify potential allergens. He or she can also provide recommendations for treatment, such as using eye drops. You may also want to wear glasses to reduce contact with allergens. For example, if the pollen count is high, you might opt to wear glasses rather than contacts. Treatment will often start with an eye exam.

Warning Signs That You Are Suffering From an Eye Allergy

Eye allergies are usually pretty easy to spot. Swelling is common, and you may have puffy eyelids, among other issues. Itchiness is also common. You might also become sensitive to light. Furthermore, issues with your eyes aren’t the only warning signs that you’re experiencing allergies. Other common warning signs of allergies include coughing and sneezing. Hives might break out on your skin, and swelling may occur.

If you believe you’re suffering a severe allergic reaction, you may need emergency care. If you’re experiencing only mild eye allergies, you could undergo an eye exam by working with an optometrist near you.

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