Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome usually causes itchy, scratchy, or red eyes. Not only that, but the condition can also lead to infections or damage to the cornea if left untreated. At InStyle Optometry in Anaheim, CA, we provide comprehensive eye exams to learn more about your condition and treatment to relieve any uncomfortable symptoms. Before visiting us, learn about some causes of dry eye below:

Dry Eye

What are some common causes of dry eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears. Your tears are made of water, oil, and mucus. The oil prevents tears from drying too quickly, while the watery layer helps the tears to spread evenly. Along with that, the mucus works with the water to ensure that your eye is properly hydrated. When any of these components are deficient, dry eye symptoms develop. Some causes of dry eye include:

•             Certain medications

•             Autoimmune disorders, such as Lupus or Sjogren’s Syndrome

•             Allergies

•             Dry Environments

•             Hormonal changes

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eyes can produce a variety of symptoms that may not always be present right away. Some of these symptoms include:

•             Blurry vision

•             Difficulty seeing at night

•             Light sensitivity

•             Scratchy eyes

•             Red or irritated eyes

•             Inability to wear contact lenses

Dry Eye Treatment

When you visit us our, our optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to check your eye health and visual acuity. We will also measure the volume and quality of your tears. If there is a tear production problem, we can develop a treatment plan for your specific needs. Some dry eye treatments include:

•             Eye Drops

•             Creams

•             Ointments

•             Medications, which can help improve tear production

•             Punctal plugs

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If you are experiencing discomfort due to dry eye, let our team at InStyle Optometry in Anaheim, CA, help. With the right treatment, we can ease your symptoms and improve your overall health. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule an eye exam, contact us at (714) 635-1100. When you need an optometrist near me, we are ready to assist you!

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